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IXDREAM - with the name "Frank Klöckner" was born in a smal city near the two Rivers Rhone and Moßel called Koblenz in Germany at the 07.30.1971. IXDREAM discover´s his passion to turning the weels of frequenz-tuner during sliding Harmonic Parts of Sounds and his art to imagine his Fans everytime with new songs out of diffrent colors and styles in the early 80´s by hearing lp´s from " Nena, Zappa, BAP,Iron Maiden during going to school.

This was also the time, frank composed his first songs with an little computer and a smal synthesizer. After finishing school and doing jobs in some disco´s, he discovered his passion in music again, started to build his own Studio and wrote his first Album "Spacedolphins" A wonderfull Album full off harmonic and dynamic Songs, with peaces of synthetic Sounds filled with Feeling and Happyness.

Some of this tracks placed in all wellknown internet charts. In may 2003 , the track "Voices from the Ocean" was licenced by Bufallo Universal Prod. in London for an interactive Presentation which show´s the function of the human mind at the UFA University in Birmingham. Voices from the Ocean placed on the top of the internet ambient charts for month´s.

At the end of 2003 ixdream signed together with Dj. T Urban a Record Contract for the Track "KRAFTBEAT" with the Label Dance Connection . The Track apears on two techno double cd sampler in the music stores. "German DJ Top 40 / Universal" and "Techno Top 100 / Deutsche Austrophon".

2004 Frank starts to realise more then 300 shows and concerts with
all wellknown music artist´s and also big company´s. He decidet to dive into the entertainment to expand his musical spirit and his knowlege of great powerfull entertainment. Also to learn technical sound and light backrounds of succesfully Shows for a lovely audition.

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