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Biography: IXDREAM - Frank Michael Klöckner
In 1988, you could look over his shoulder for the first time on TV. During a live demonstration in a local broadcast station, he showed that you can assemble a song by using just a simple PC and some well chosen sampled instruments.

During his commercial education and a job in a disco of the town he lives in, he kept on developing his own musical style and wrote tracks for graphic intros.

In springtime 2000, his track “The crow” was broadcasted the first time on radio and climbed up to the top of all notable internet charts. In that time, ixdream was elected by the listeners of radio station Sunshine live to the “artist of the week”.

In autumn 2000, he was provided an artist exclusive contract from “Tonik-Entertainment”, a label and publisher in Stuttgart. During that time, some tracks were realised in coproduction for e.g. Toni Verderosa, DJ Sandro 6db and others.

Parallel to that, the rock ballad “Angels of love” was done together with the pop group “The Uncommons” and released on a Christmas sampler.

In summer 2001, ixdream met the DJ of SWR3, Jan Garcia. Jan remixed ixdreams track “Pathfinder” and after the publishing on the internet, the consistent feedback confirmed that it is a hit.
In May 2003, Buffalo Universal Productions ltd in London licenced the song “Voices from the ocean” for the UFA university of Birmingham which used it for an interactive presentation about the human brain’s functionality. That song also leaded the internet ambient chars for months.

In autumn 2003, together with DJ T Urban ixdream signed a record contract at Dance Connection of the track “Kraftbeat”. That song was pubished on two techno samplers “German DJ Top 40 / Universal” and “Techno Top 100 / DA Music – Deutsche Austrophon”.

Having reached such a success and having received millonfold feedback from his fans in the internet and via the radio stations, ixdream decided to build up his own recording studio. In order to finance it, he started to work with established and successful show productions as technical assistant of sound/light and crew leader across Germany.

He socialized with top-class and sophisticated musicians and sound professionals of the show business and realized their advices and his own experiences in his recording studio.
Ixdream worked e.g. for Madonna, Nena, BAP, David Copperfield, “Wetten dass?”, Tokio Hotel, Mercedes-Benz, NATO and politics.

As he strongly sympathises with electronical music and that scene since the beginning of the 90s, one highlight to mention is the light and sound realization of the Nature One Main Floor.
Probably, the token steps and experiences might be one reason why his tracks can be found on the tops of the electronical music charts worldwide.

It has to be emphasized that his motivation was never build up in just earning money. Quite the contrary; he is motivated by his engagement of creating perfectly melodic compositions of dancefloor, pop, film, advertisements and ambient productions.

Released Tracks / Discografie
IXDREAM - The Crow (uptrax/Sunshine Live - Radio Debut)
IXDREAM - Voices from the Ocean (Buffalo Universal UFA-Birmingham)
IXDREAM meets Harddriver Project (Kraftbeat) DJ TOP 40, DJ TOP 100 - Universal (DJ TOP 40 Charts von 0 auf Platz 35)
IXDREAM - LET ME HEAL (2010 Radio Edit) / Eurodancer
IXDREAM - I WANT FORGIVE / Hardboost Records
HOUSEMOPS - DANCE 4 ME / Hardboost Records
Club Sound Allstars - Talking in your Sleep (HOUSEMOPS-REMIX) Dance Traxx
IXDREAM - PIRATES - Just Dance 2017 The Playlist Compilation VA
Agenda ft. Keith Neville (Taylor Dayne - Tell it to my heart. Remix EP) 4 Remixes by ixdream
Agenda ft. Keith Neville (Coldplay - Adventure of a lifetime. Remix EP) 4 Remixes by ixdream

Album : Spacedolphins 2001
Traktitel : Indian Rides,Key of Spirit,Ragasoo,Elevator,PurpleGreen,BreakJazzid,Beauty Vox,Fall-Down,Mars Mover,Wireless,Subvision

Album : Pathfinder 2003
Waves from Nowhere,Voices from the Ocean,Angels of Love, Pfad der Schatten,Mein Leben Lang,Pathfinder,Alfa1000,The Crow (didgeridoo edit),Fishes in the wood,A cosmic bird,Samba

1980´s 64ér & Amiga Intro Szene ca. 100 Tracks - Fasttracker

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