IXDREAM INTERVIEW @ Mushroom Magazine
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Autor:  Franky [ Do Jul 02, 2009 3:06 pm ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  IXDREAM INTERVIEW @ Mushroom Magazine


What kind of trance music do you produce / play?

Psychadelic, spiritual, danceable, electronic and handplayed.
Powerful accustical sound arranments with orchester/synthesizer
based harmonies, natural grooves and vocals, Natural grooves
and positiv spirits. The Sounds are mixed very warm and brilliant.
Great melodies and vocals realised on latest highend studio recording technique.

Who are you? Single person or project? Where did you come from? Where is your base yet? Year of birth? Tell us a bit about your background, your regular profession and your way up to here?

ixdream is a single person. Born in Koblenz/Germany also living and working there. Born on Juli 1971 . Please Check my bio on ‘all about ixdream’ please.

Did you think copying kills music – or did file sharing makes the artist famous? What has been you experience with p2p and track-swapping?

its a boring thing to talk about. if someone thinks to suck out
the music he likes, spending no honor to its szene , i also dont care.

Your definition of luck & satisfaction? Maybe anything to tell about ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’?

My definition of luck is friend, peacefully and harmonic living. without going a way of lies.

Your favorite musicians? Some beside trance? Please name some artists that really take you higher …

I like pure sound, no industrial loops of marketing tricks. my music comes from my heart. not from my head and not from clever marketing tricks, touching the soul like a snake´s wisper. i get inspired by a powerfull house tracks after the acid revolution. i like the 80´s also like aktual Trance Sounds. Growing up on a party dancefloor. also there are info in my biografie…please have a look.

Where have you played in the past. Please name some of your most important events.

Where could our readers see/hear you in the next time? Any special events worth to mention here?

ARTIST NETWORK & Community @ Here i will give previews of my latest produktion sound and video and also other acts work

Anything you would like to tell the world?
come back to nature !

Your website?

Booking contact, email and phone?
all contacts at

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